Go Henry, the kids visa card

Last week I did a Q&A on my instagram stories (@luisazissman) about everything Dixie and how I discipline her, keep her entertained and attempt to parent her into a lovely young lady. In this discussion I mentioned pocket money, chores and earning money. We use an amazing card called GoHenry which was recommended to me … Continue Reading

Maybe Baby?

Some of you may have seen on my instagram recently I’ve posted about supplements to take when TTC (try to conceive) I have had a few messages from ladies expressing their thanks for the tips as they are now successfully pregnant!! Anyway I have been inundated with messages from all you lovely ladies and they … Continue Reading

Travelling with kids my essentials

So holiday season is creeping up on us and I’m sure you’re all craving sun after the horrific weather we’ve had!! We are lucky enough to holiday pretty frequently and so I would consider myself pretty well travelled with the rugrats in tow. I’ve decided to do a guide for my top 3 travel essentials … Continue Reading

Best Newborn Baby Buys!

I’m constantly asked & always dishing out advice on what I find the most helpful buys for a newborn. It’s a TOTAL MINEFIELD out there … Continue Reading

GB Pockit+ pram

I am a little pram obsessed… I have a different pram for every occasion. One for shopping (my egg pram, double and single) one for country walks with the horses & days out with the family  (my out and about nipper, again double and single) My vintage silver cross (walks into the village & for … Continue Reading