Last week I did a Q&A on my instagram stories (@luisazissman) about everything Dixie and how I discipline her, keep her entertained and attempt to parent her into a lovely young lady. In this discussion I mentioned pocket money, chores and earning money. We use an amazing card called GoHenry which was recommended to me by a friend just before Christmas. There was an overwhelming response to me talking about it so here is my blog post about it. I have included a link here which is from their refer a friend scheme. If using this link you’ll get £10 on the card when you activate it!

GoHeny is a visa card for children. I think it’s better than high street bank equivalents out there because of the app’s that support the card. You can set tasks each week so the children learn to complete chores to earn money, as a parent you can tick these tasks off within your app and on a nominated day the money will be transferred to the children’s card.

Dixie’s chores for week…. 

You can set spending limits too so they can’t go too crazy. The card works exactly like a normal visa. They can take cash out at an ATM, spend in a shop via contactless or chip and pin and they can also spend online. Every time they spend you get an alert on your phone with the amount spent and what shop. If they are somewhere without you and need more money perhaps in an emergency you can transfer immediately to them or if they are out and the card is lost or stolen you can automatically block the card.


The other thing I love about Go Henry is that you can set a saving goal on there and they can work towards saving up for something they really want. I believe it’s good for them to learn from an early age the importance of having to wait for something, and really wanting something and not getting everything they want at the drop of a hat. This part of the app is one of my fav’s.

Dixie doesn’t have a smart phone yet, she’s only 8 but for those that have a smart phone you can download the Go Henry app for kids onto their phone and they can see where they are spending, how much money they have, what chores they can do to earn money for that week too.


Go Henry costs £2.99 a month and honestly it’s worth every penny. You can customize the card too for your little one, Dixie chose a hamster design and instead of saying Go Henry it says Go Dixie on it which she loves. The sense of independence and responsibility is I think so good for her. Also learning nothing in life is free and she has to contribute round the house for money. She adores buying her sisters little gifts too. When she asks me for something I often tell her to use her card and after thinking about whether she actually wants it she often decides she doesn’t need it! She’s a bit tight our little Dixie!


Go Henry has a refer a friend scheme so for everyone I refer you get £10 on activating your card. Click the link here and you can set up your account. It’s important for me to add here. I have not been paid in anyway by Go Henry for doing this blog post. I am simply spreading the word of it because it’s amazing for our family and we love it. When I refer a friend they get £10 and so do I. This offer is on the Go Henry app and open to anyone, so get signed up and get referring!!




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