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Last week I did a Q&A on my instagram stories (@luisazissman) about everything Dixie and how I discipline her, keep her entertained and attempt to parent her into a lovely young lady. In this discussion I mentioned pocket money, chores and earning money. We use an amazing card called GoHenry which was recommended to me by a friend just before Christmas. There was an overwhelming response to me talking about it so here is my blog post about it. I have included a link here which is from their refer a friend scheme. If using this link you’ll get £10 on the card when you activate it!

GoHeny is a visa card for children. I think it’s better than high street bank equivalents out there because of the app’s that support the card. You can set tasks each week so the children learn to complete chores to earn money, as a parent you can tick these tasks off within your app and on a nominated day the money will be transferred to the children’s card.

Dixie’s chores for week…. 

You can set spending limits too so they can’t go too crazy. The card works exactly like a normal visa. They can take cash out at an ATM, spend in a shop via contactless or chip and pin and they can also spend online. Every time they spend you get an alert on your phone with the amount spent and what shop. If they are somewhere without you and need more money perhaps in an emergency you can transfer immediately to them or if they are out and the card is lost or stolen you can automatically block the card.


The other thing I love about Go Henry is that you can set a saving goal on there and they can work towards saving up for something they really want. I believe it’s good for them to learn from an early age the importance of having to wait for something, and really wanting something and not getting everything they want at the drop of a hat. This part of the app is one of my fav’s.

Dixie doesn’t have a smart phone yet, she’s only 8 but for those that have a smart phone you can download the Go Henry app for kids onto their phone and they can see where they are spending, how much money they have, what chores they can do to earn money for that week too.


Go Henry costs £2.99 a month and honestly it’s worth every penny. You can customize the card too for your little one, Dixie chose a hamster design and instead of saying Go Henry it says Go Dixie on it which she loves. The sense of independence and responsibility is I think so good for her. Also learning nothing in life is free and she has to contribute round the house for money. She adores buying her sisters little gifts too. When she asks me for something I often tell her to use her card and after thinking about whether she actually wants it she often decides she doesn’t need it! She’s a bit tight our little Dixie!


Go Henry has a refer a friend scheme so for everyone I refer you get £10 on activating your card. Click the link here and you can set up your account. It’s important for me to add here. I have not been paid in anyway by Go Henry for doing this blog post. I am simply spreading the word of it because it’s amazing for our family and we love it. When I refer a friend they get £10 and so do I. This offer is on the Go Henry app and open to anyone, so get signed up and get referring!!




Some of you may have seen on my instagram recently I’ve posted about supplements to take when TTC (try to conceive) I have had a few messages from ladies expressing their thanks for the tips as they are now successfully pregnant!!

Anyway I have been inundated with messages from all you lovely ladies and they are so many I can’t reply to each and every one so I have put it all in a blog post here for you. I’ve linked each picture for ease – I bought all mine from amazon (did I mention i’m obsessed with amazon?!)

køb viagra online

When trying to conceive I don’t take anything like pregnacare. I take folic acid on its own this is the one I took. It’s much more cost effective buying it in this pure 400mg form than one branded as ‘trying for a baby’ because they will only give you about 30 tablets. These ones are 360 tablets and you take one a day, so that’s nearly a years supply!


I was told by a fertility doctor in America to take DHA and COQ10 when trying to conceive.

COQ10 is said to improve your egg quality so is great for older ladies and also said to increase fertilization rates. You need to take a minimum of 600mg per day. I used to take 3 tablets a day. So 900mg total per day (each tablet is 300mg each) This is the one I took.


I also took this DHA which is an omega 3 fatty acid, this is also said to improve egg quality. Here is an extract from a website about DHA: “…concluded that a lifelong consumption of a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids could prolong reproductive function into an advanced maternal age. The researchers also found that a short-term treatment of omega-3 fatty acids could help improve egg (oocyte) quality (5).” To read the full website, see here:

This is the one I took:


Anyway, I am no doctor just sharing some knowledge that helped me and seems to have helped loads of my lovely followers get pregnant. If you have been trying for over a year, please see your doctor as a few simple tests can really help!


Girl VS Boy? 

People also ask me about how I managed to plan my girlies!

I used an app called Maybebaby. You input your monthly cycle and it tells you when to try for a girl. To get a girl you have to try 2-3 days BEFORE you ovulate. Girl sperm (XX) from the man are said to be slower swimmers and don’t die as quickly as their male sperm (XY) counterparts. So therefore all the male sperm swim like crazy but when there is no egg die off. The girl sperm take their time, hang around a bit and once the egg is released meet the egg and taadaa! If trying for a boy you’re meant to do the deed on your ovulation day or 2-3 days after when the egg is hanging around waiting for that special sperm! This app maybebaby tracks that and tells you when it’s time depending on your gender preference. If you don’t have a preference then just go at it like crazy!!

Men should also take olive leaf extract which is said to make more girl sperm – you can take in tablet form or liquid form diluted in water. We used these ones which were the highest potency I could find. You only need one a day!



I also bought Vitamen from Zita West for hubbie to take too. It’s an all round supplement aimed at men’s fertility. This won’t sway for a particular gender but generally improves quality & quantity I think of mens sperm. This is the one we had:



I have linked each picture to where to buy for ease. Please message me on instagram @luisazissman if you get pregnant i’ve had so many lovely messages it really makes me so happy when you guys tell me it’s worked for you!!

Have fun!

Luisa X

So holiday season is creeping up on us and I’m sure you’re all craving sun after the horrific weather we’ve had!! We are lucky enough to holiday pretty frequently and so I would consider myself pretty well travelled with the rugrats in tow. I’ve decided to do a guide for my top 3 travel essentials for 0 – 1 years, 1 – 3 years and 3years+


My parents used to live abroad and so I would take Dixie to see them every month, Dixie is by far the best little traveller I have ever met. She totally lulled me into a false sense of security with regards to travelling with children. I literally thought it was such a breeze until Indigo (who we nickname the terrorist came along!) Indi is energetic, hyper, super intelligent and never stops so containing her on a plane is a misson but after a few trips I think I’ve now cracked it!

I’ve linked all the pics so you can click on any and buy / get more info on the product!


For 0 – 1 years these have probably been my top buys to make the airport, plane journey and holiday smooth & easy (well as easy as can be!)


1 – The Cozigo.

This great little gadget pops out its handy little pack and sits perfectly over the bassinet on long haul flights. It’s totally black out and does shield some of the noise too from the annoying announcements! It has handy zips all round so you can peek in on the little one without having to take the whole thing off. Once your on holiday too it acts as a blackout shade over the pram if your out for lunch time naps or in the evening. It’s expensive but I do think it’s worth it for the PEACE it brings on the plane!







2 – BabyMoov Pop up sun shade and play tent.



This is another little gem. Perfect if you have older children who don’t want to get out the pool or off the beach. This little gadget pops up and even has little toys hanging down for baby to play with. The high sides mean they can roll around without loads of sand getting in it and it’s UV safe too. Great if you are out all day as they can have a comfortable lie flat nap in here too.


3 -GB Pockit+ Pram


This pram is a lifesaver, at the airport it really comes into its own. I check my big double buggy in (I have an out and about double nipper – it’s amazing) when we check the bags in and take both babies in these prams through the airport. They fold up so small they go on as hand luggage. Which is amazing because it’s so impractical carrying the baby through the airport to get to the luggage carousel to collect the pram. I will not travel without these prams!!








1- 3 years is the hardest age to travel with I think. They want to move around A LOT, my kids hate sleeping on me so it’s hard to get them to sleep if they are tired and they are LOUD at this age too. As much as I HATE seeing kids on ipads I have to admit we do have ‘holiday ipads’ that get pulled out when we travel then put away again when we are home. Weirdly the kids never ask for them at home which is great. I would still recommend the GB Pockit+ pram for this age group – in fact it’s still an essential I would say!


1- Ipad / portable DVD

Anything with Peppa Pig makes Indigo sit still. It’s bad I know, they shouldn’t be transfixed by technology and yep I totally hate it. But sometimes just sometimes anything for an easy life and that’s why this is my number 1 for travelling with a toddler. If you’re not a parent yet, don’t judge me. If you are then yep you totally get me!!





2 – Reuseable stickers!!



Who would have thought such a simple invention could provide SO much entertainment on the plane. Stick them anywhere and everywhere and they will unstick, restick, unstick, restick, unstick, restick… yep you get my drift this super cheap and easy product is a definite hit for restless toddlers on planes.





3 – A float suit.


I’m super paranoid about water and toddlers. They are at that fearless age where everything is an adventure so when we are round the pool the little one always has on a floaty swimsuit. It’s just a little extra piece of mind, especially if you’re running after more than 1 child!






So if you have managed to keep your child alive long enough to be travelling with a 3+ year old, congratulations!! Now travelling should be a BREEZE!! Haha well not quite but it will be so much easier.


1 -Zinc flyte scooter case


This has to be the best £70 I have EVER spent. Many a flights would have been missed without this amazing gadget. We always get comments on this case when Dixie is zipping through the airport happy as larry. Not only does it fit a decent amount of stuff in it (mainly snacks, colouring, the dreaded ipad, a blanket, pillow, manky half eaten sweets etc) but also it has a sturdy scooter that flips up and down and it fits under the seat. I cannot recommend these enough. We had one of those stupid trunkies before which was a total nightmare and really annoyed me. It is defo my number 1 purchase!






2 – Eyemask & earplugs


Ok so I know this sounds a little big diva like but honestly lifesaver stuff! On the plane they are great and when you get to your destination if the beautiful sun is streaming through the windows at 5am you’ll want them to keep the little ones tricked into sleeping that little bit longer!!




3 – Mifold grab and go booster seat.

This is perfect for holiday taxi rides or if you hire a car and the booster seats are absolutely ancient. It’s a handy booster seat that is super compact but also will make those holiday car rides that little bit safer.





Some other essentials & little tips for travelling with the kids are:


  • Take your own car seats for babies and toddlers if you’re hiring a car. The rental companies car seats are about 100 years old, a nightmare to fit and nowhere near any kind of safety regulations.
  • To get sand of little wet toes, hands and all the other nooks and crannies throw a bottle of talcum powder in your beach bag. The talc soaks up the water in the sand and it just brushes off, one of the best tricks ever!
  • If your bottle feeding grab a bottle of NIMBLE bottle cleaner, it gets rid of that sticky / greasy milk film on bottles and stops them smelling too. (AND it’s only about £2.99 for a travel size bottle) If you don’t have a microwave then use Milton sterilizing tablets. If you do then get some microwave steam sterilizer bags by Avent or Dr Browns
  • The best sun cream I’ve found is Childs Farm sensitive skin factor 50. It’s not sticky, lets their skin breath and still protects them.
  • Get them a hat with a little neck cover that’s made from swimming costume material. They can wear it all the time and if it gets wet it dries super quickly!
  • Swimzeez are amazing! They are super lightweight, non slip little shoes that they can wear round the pool, on the beach and they really are essential at waterparks where the floor is hot but it’s not practical to swear shoes.

Easy peasy 2 ingredient banana pancakes – this will make 4-5 pancakes for more just double the ingredients!

This is such a popular breakfast in our house and it’s SO simple and also SO healthy. We add different toppings to mix things up and get the kids involved in their food choices too. Berries, chopped banana, lemon, yogurt, a sprinkle of cinnamon and honey are all favourite toppings here. If your looking for an extra special treat sometimes Dixie has hers with a dollop of Nutella!

These pancakes are perfect for baby led weaning when breakfast ideas are a little less inspiring!



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Lemon Risotto with Pea & Green Beans

This will cook in under 30 mins and is super easy to make. Little ones love the zesty lemon flavour of this dish. I add more liquid than is normally required for risotto so that the rice is really creamy and tender for little ones. At the end I take away the kids portions and I add fresh peppery rocket for the adults to give the dish a little kick, I will also then season with freshly ground black pepper for adults too.





*You’ll tend to find my recipes aren’t very ‘measured’ I’m more of a toss  it in and see what happens kinda cook!*


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Quick Family Meatballs with Melted Mozzarella

 For this recipe I don’t brown the meatballs first, mainly because the first time I made it I forgot to brown them so they just cooked slowly in the sauce, apparently they were a lot nicer this way!

You’ll tend to find my recipes aren’t very ‘measured’ I’m more of a toss  it in and see what happens kinda cook!


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Even though I’m a vegetarian I still cook meat for the whole family. This slow cooker beef stew and dumplings recipe is SO easy. Even if you don’t have a slow cooker you can still make this stew, just brown the mince in your casserole dish first.  If you don’t have all the ingredients don’t worry I chop and change the ingredients depending what’s in my fridge or what needs to be used!

You’ll tend to find my recipes aren’t very ‘measured’ I’m more of a toss  it in and see what happens kinda cook!

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I am a little pram obsessed… I have a different pram for every occasion. One for shopping (my egg pram, double and single) one for country walks with the horses & days out with the family  (my out and about nipper, again double and single) My vintage silver cross (walks into the village & for garden / mobile sleeps at home) and now I have a pram for TRAVELLING!


We are lucky, we holiday a lot & mini break a lot with and without the children.  I remember when I had Dixie and feeling like an airport and plane was an overwhelming mission. However I used to fly every month with Dixie and she was always an angel and still is. Then Indigo (the terrorist as she’s known) came along and travelling was more challenging and then Clementine came along and I haven’t been on a plane with all 3 of them yet!!


You can take prams up to the plane door with most airlines and they will check them into the hold of the plane. But it’s always a bit hit and miss if you can then get them back at the bottom of the stairs as you get off the plane or if you have to hike through and airport for what seems like an eternity loaded up like a donkey with the dead weight of your child in your arms. The only airline that have ever taken my pram at check in has been British Airways which was horrific as then I had to tackle the airport with a tired 1yr old and no pram plus a 7yr old & all the hand luggage that went with them! Worst experience EVER – always check the rules of the airline before you book!

Anyway now all my problems have been solved, as I am the proud owner of the Pockit+ by GB. It is amazing!! The first great thing is it’s so small it can fold up and go on the plane as HAND LUGGAGE!! The second great thing is as it’s so small when it’s delivered it needs no assembly. Simply take it out the box & use it right away! The next great thing Is you can actually use it as a travel system with adaptors to pop a car seat on it and it’s suitable from birth by using the carry cot accessory which also folds up so small it can go in the hand luggage of the plane. It reclines for sleeps, has a great sunshade canopy and can be pushed so easily with one hand. Essential when navigating an airport – or in my case when I’ll be pushing 2 of these prams for both babies! It folds up and down in 10 seconds with one movement too, has a decent basket underneath it and comes with rain covers! It is quite simply one of the best, easiest most practical prams I’ve EVER seen for travelling with kids. Plus it comes in loads of super cute colours too. Though I like to keep it chic and went with black / grey combo!

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